I feel like we should be saying things like...

"Hey, you...guy. The dames, eh? Yeah, the dames. Stupid dames. You having any luck with the horses? No, the horses are all...idiots. You know, between the dames and the horses, sometimes I don't even know why I put my hat on."

That's how people talk in bars, isn't it?

en passant


do you remember the scene where Steve shows page from his notebook with all the things he missed while he’d been napping? so, this page is different for Russia. here it is


moreover, I found another 7 versions.

US page


UK list


version for South Korea


page for France 


Italian version


Mexican one


list for Spain


quite interesting, isn’t it? let me know if there are other versions)

update! Australian list (via idkvader)


Update №2! page for Brazil. (via doctorwhoses)



This is my effort for St. George’s Day.

I’ve written about it HERE.

pilot season always brings the delightful and unexpected, and this year that means rufus sewell playing valmont (which is perfect) in modern!au dangerous liaisons opposite melissa george and katie holmes

i’m sitting here laughing hysterically nobody tells me ANYTHING

pink tape art film ☆ colour palettes (insp ♡) 

Q: yeast infections, ramsay bolton, david benioff, dan weiss, velveeta

like this is hard

velveeta (microwave mac n cheese is sometimes exactly the thing you end up buying when you’re drunk at duane reade), yeast infections (TREATABLE), ramsay bolt (FICTIONAL), d&d dead ass last ALPHABETICIZED IDK, I DON’T CARE WHAT ORDER YOU PUSH ‘EM IN THE TRUNK SO LONG AS THE CAR GOES IN THE RIVER. MAYBE THE ONE WHO’S MARRIED TO AMANDA PEET DIES FIRST OR MAYBE HE DIES LAST

put five anything in my ask and i’ll put them in my preference order


Editorial : "Flamboyant"

Magazine : Vogue Italia, October 1991

Photographer : Ellen von Unwerth

Model : Karen Mulder 

Artist  UnknownSpica    Title  UnknownNo More    Album  UnknownPainkiller