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I will be so grateful if you will trust me with your sadness, and I will trust you with mine, so that even when we are sad… we will be grateful for how much we love each other, and know that we are in the world as much in our pain as in our happiness.


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Sailor Moon on the runway

Koan: Mugler FW 1992, Setsuna: Chanel FW 1992, Serenity: Dior Haute Couture SS 1992, Hotaru: Mugler FW 1992, Calaveras: Christian Lacroix Haute Couture FW 1992


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We all look just like this at home all the time, I’m sure.

PERFUMES. do you wear them? Are you afraid of them? Don’t be! Although the only reason I’m not is that I grew up with a très sophisticated mom (HI MOM! I WISH YOU WOULDN’T READ THIS BLOG! I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!) who always wore Robert Piguet Bandit, oo la la. For my 18th birthday she bought me Hermes’ classic Jardin sur la Mediterranee, which I then wore in such quantities with such overwhelming girlish enthusiasm that anyone who hugged me too long got headaches and weird dreams. That was not such a great time.

But it does mean that I am someone who believes strongly in the power of perfume. Have you ever suddenly, on the street, passed someone who smelled just like a person you loved or had one great night with or used to snuggle up next to on the couch? And suddenly your whole brain goes blank and you just sort of stand there, overwhelmed? I have. It’s the best. It’s a very romantic idea, that you could inspire that feeling in somebody else by having a ~signature scent,~ and I’m super into it.

So! here are some recommendations, with one caveat. A weird but really cool thing about perfume is that your skin changes it. In some cases that’s not so awesome — I’ve always wanted to wear Chanel No. 5, for example, too bad that on me it smells like an old lady rolling down her pantyhose for the first time all day — but the flip side of that coin is that you get to make your perfume unique. Nobody is gonna smell just exactly like you wearing that same scent. In fact, you in the winter won’t even smell the same as you in the summer wearing that same scent! It’s THE SCIENCE MAGIC OF THE BODY!* (*it’s because of sweat, probably.)

What that means is, always get samples firrrrrrst!!!! You need to know if this stuff smells good on your personal skin. Also you need to know if it will smell weird in two hours, you know? GET A SAMPLE. If you’re at sephora, they’ll decant you one for free. If you just want to get a bunch for cheap, I recommend The Perfumed Court. It’s my fave website to order from and then forget about, and every time I get a package of samples, I’m so surprised and psyched.

Anyway, so these are my top 5 scents ever, any of which may or may not work for you, but, you know. FUCK IT, IF YOU’RE SO SMART WHY DON’T YOU MAKE YOUR OWN BLOG!

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Those lines were lifted verbatim from my boyhood diary.

i will live and die pressed about “nice body” for so many reasons, one of which is: if you’re gonna give hyomin a solo but refuse to put in time effort or adequate resources to preparing a decent comeback you can just do this shit

uncomplicated song sure not particularly innovative choreo whatever just give her a fucking throne of men and we’re all fine