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Q: i am not the only one who got weird vibes off of Laurie & Tom's relationship, yay! But no seriously, that wasn't intentional right?

I don’t think that HBO knows how to “chemistry read” mothers and sons right.

La familia Garvey, antes de la hecatombe.


shine on me! favorite female rookie releases from 2014 so far, featuring brand new groups as well as groups we already know & love. [listen]

domino game - kiss&cry | yum yum yum - lip service | so wonderful - ladies’ code | thank u very much - bestie | i am the best - bebop | hair short - wings | wolf is stupid - tint | love letter - berry good | oppa, you’re mine! - tahiti | mr. ambiguous - mamamoo | one more - fiestar | blossom - wings | up and down - ye-a | hate you! - delight | hot baby - bestie | happiness - red velvet | kiss kiss - ladies’ code | too fancy - lip service | up & down - exid | tornado - 4ten | pit-a-pat - laboum


Soviet tourism poster from 1964

Q: other than the leftovers, which i'm hooked on, what are you watching on tv at the moment? what's good?

Defiance, mostly, which is AMAZING THIS SEASON, GO WATCH IT RIGHT NOW. If you watched the first season: you know how some things were good-verging-on-great and most of it was cool but some of it was dead air? Well, there’s no dead air this season at fucking all, the show realised that the show’s linchpins were Irisa and Stahma (and Amanda) and everyone else comes in through them. (Datak is important through Stahma. Nolan’s presence on the show is important through Irisa, and secondarily though Amanda. Etc.) And they’re SO WONDERFUL THIS SEASON, Irisa’s got a scary long-game that’s going to pay off hardcore in next week’s finale and has been the source of much grand WTF (too obscure to spoil: tags last week like “DID HE JUST BARF UP A SLINKY?”); Amanda’s running the NeedWant and wearing widow chic and toting around the evil empire’s flop leather-clad imported puppet mayor on a string (and you will not be surprised that I love the evil empire’s flop leather-clad imported puppet mayor; look, he got a Webley at one point, the thirst is justified); and STAHMA IS INCREDIBLE. Know how incredible Stahma was last season? (Stahma has always been incredible mostly because somehow Jaime Murray is next level hot in this hyper-physically-deliberative performance of a statue alien.) She surpasses that exponentially this season and SHE SURPASSES HERSELF EVERY EPISODE. I don’t wanna tell you stuff but I will say she’s in charge of the mob, and that she full on murders a room of people to get out of an awkward situation, and that the Tarrs are antagonistic equals now and that’s amazing. And news overall: everyone you thought was bi is canonically so, and someone got THROWN OUTTA THE ST. LOUIS ARCH last week. It’s such a goddamn blast and everyone should watch it and get pumped up about it.

And the John Oliver show, which I live for especially as an emotional palliative/breath-reprieve on Leftovers nights. God bless.

New poster for Showtime’s The Affair, with Ruth Wilson, Dominic West, Maura Tierney and Joshua Jackson. Watch here the teaser trailer.

WHAT a FUCKing EPisode

Cut for typical amounts of yelling, of course, but also—spoilers. Serious, serious spoilers that I don’t want to be open season. I want people to come into this show not knowing about 1x09. I want this to be an episode that happens relentlessly to all those who watch, no matter when they watch. So if you watch the show, shut up about this episode around your friends who don’t watch, and if you don’t watch this show—fuck on outta here! Catch up quick! I love you! Watch this show!


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