I feel like we should be saying things like...

"Hey, you...guy. The dames, eh? Yeah, the dames. Stupid dames. You having any luck with the horses? No, the horses are all...idiots. You know, between the dames and the horses, sometimes I don't even know why I put my hat on."

That's how people talk in bars, isn't it?

en passant
Q: "#oh my god look at that list of prospective cable 'rivals' everything IS trash" omg right? everyone in the comments section of that page is like "welp quality over quantity" but i'm not seeing any quality anywhere??


i’ll concede that brba, which we all know for almost-suresies is going to win best drama and sweep a bunch of other things, is not trash. i also think that brba got the massive, ridiculous, fawning hype that it god because it’s not trash and everything else that’s famous on cable fricking is. it has artistic merit. it’s not the best show, it’s not remotely a contender for that category, but big cable is so starved right now for anything with an inch of depth? that people responded above and beyond to brba because it was like…the only thing doing anything.

hbo is this cultural Entity™ but hbo has not put out anything worth the “not tv, hbo” label for ten years. (i have THOUGHTS about this. i don’t think it’s permanent. but their current catalogue of ‘prestige shows’ is exhausting either way.) like: true detective is trash, and it’s nice that that’s more or less public knowledge now—people gave it the benefit of the doubt, were let down, and gave us all an object lesson in the ways that people will try to attribute creativity and nuance to white dude shows on cable networks with famous casts and high production values. creativity and nuance that just isn’t there. mad men gets that (mad men has its bona fide strengths, obviously, but its hype has always outweighed its quality and people keep trying to make it out to be a creative or ambitious project that it’s just not. all the twitter theorists, i don’t know how they find the strength). then you get the glorified soaps: like, homeland is not smarter than scandal (and its nonsense is a hell of a lot more racist).

cable shows~ come with such an arbitrary sheen, an arbitrary assumption of quality, and there is no show on any of the famous networks that is earning it right now. like, fight me. (tho genuinely if you think i’m skipping over any worthwhile show, come talk to me? all i know is i flinched @ that list of prospective emmy winners. that is not a list of the best shows around, that’s not even a list of good shows.)

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