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"It’s all your fault, […] you wanted to leave with all the money." 

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Yet somehow, each time I enter the stage, as I’m faced with the audience who laughs or sneers, I’m struck with the loneliness that I can only imagine a woman like Curley’s wife must feel — the desperation for conversation, respect, and above all, dignity. Each time, I’m caught off-guard when I lose it.

Leighton Meester: The Feminist Subtext of Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men (via badwitchintown)


i cant stop laughing help


Helen being surnamed Adrestia, “she whom none can escape.” Nemesis (who is Helen’s mother in some places) to Adrestia as Phobos is to Deimos, with all four as children of Aphrodite and Ares. Let’s all take a moment to collectively laugh at the fact that Adrestia is the goddess of balance, of punishing human injustice.

No, I’m not leaving the theory of the primordial myth of a sun-goddess/bright/light-goddess willingly leaving with a human lover, travelling away from the godsphere, picking the human lover to be her king, the serious consequences that happen as a result (the death of thousands, her death at times), and the subsequent return of the sun-goddess to her position as the queen of the heavens.


aoa’s reaction to hyeri suddenly joining them + dancing to short hair

#a shipwreck of love and ambition seeking refuge among the rocks that shattered him  #(and I do believe he wasn’t intending to ally with Beckett; not at first  #he was just useless and drunken and signed on because why the fuck not)  #just…look at the way that he looks at her  #that is not a look of unrequited love; that is not even bitterness over spurned love  #that is the look of a man who is so far past losing everything that he can only laugh  #(what’s one more bullet wound when you’ve already bled out?)  #potc is about the ways people become pirates—and it’s always wanting that drives them there  #wanting love wanting freedom wanting a ship wanting glory wanting wealth wanting and wanting and wanting  #piracy is about the ability to chase that wanting; to cut the corners and simply aim yourself at what you desire  #Jack’s compass natch)  #but how do you stride for the horizon in a shipwreck? you’re left with just the wanting  #and the wanting kills  #and that’s what Commodore Norrington here is about (notbecauseofvictories)