I feel like we should be saying things like...

"Hey, you...guy. The dames, eh? Yeah, the dames. Stupid dames. You having any luck with the horses? No, the horses are all...idiots. You know, between the dames and the horses, sometimes I don't even know why I put my hat on."

That's how people talk in bars, isn't it?

en passant
Q: what would the ideal portrayals of isabella and angelo entail for you? (because i obviously need to hear more of your measure for measure feelings.)

Tricia Helfer and James Callis in a production set in the USSR.

In all seriousness (I AM TRAGICALLY SERIOUS ABOUT THAT, I AM REGULARLY SAD ABOUT THAT, but), I don’t have hard-and-fast rules because that’s one of the things I like about theater, that I certainly like about Shakespeare, that the parts change in accordance with whoever’s giving them body. But the performances must be cut conspicuously from the same cloth, Isabella needs to be a flaming sword, Angelo needs to be a teacup on the San Andreas fault, and they need to want to fuck. Think of all that can be done with that!

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