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François Arnaud, age 25
A scheming, murderous direct-from-Montreal dreamboat! (But can he save the papacy?!) Turning heads and causing chatter these days is this fake-son of Jeremy Irons on The Borgias, the Machiavellian costume-fest currently showing on Showtime/Bravo! Dude recently took up horseback riding. Dream dinner guests The Beatles? Or maybe the Borgias, but I’d make sure I’m in charge of the wine and that no one would touch my glass and we would all have plastic utensils. Words to live by Behave, then you don’t have to apologize. Dream Vacation Wonderland. I mean Alice’s, not some sort of theme park where the snow-cones give you a brain-freeze. The trait you most value in others Intelligence. And kindness. Combined, they’re pretty much the s–t. The quality you most value in yourself Curiosity. A person living or dead you most admire Patti Smith. Your most treasured possession Can I say my friends? I know people aren’t supposed to belong to other people but really that’s all I want. And food and wine.

-Shinan’s Worthy 30: Hommes, sweet hommes

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