she is definitely Snakes

I ever forget to fill the trays, Bowman’d start slapping me.  “What’s wrong with you?  Don’t you know how to keep house?”  That all started as soon as he realized he was never getting out of Harlan.  He blamed it on me.  It was my fault he had to dig coal.  It was my fault that I had a miscarriage after he beat me with his belt, and he didn’t have a son to take hunting with him and his creepy brother Boyd.


#fairy tale princess with a sawed-off shotgun

ava just made this face at boyd in the middle of the noble holler negotiations

and i had to TAKE A MINUTE.

ugh it’s not just how much she loves him it’s also constantly how much she loves SPECIFICALLY THIS, the crime-kingdom they are shaping slowly into place with competency and ruthlessness, the mechanics of hammering this system into place on their terms, and she’s listening to him talk detail and she loves him for it and that love reflects back onto her because she chose this and she chose him symbiotically.

gettin real tired of ur bullshit lesser crowder men


ARLO: You didn’t need to do that, Ava.
AVA: Of course I did, Mr. Givens. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have done it.

JUSTIFIED 3.01 - “The Gunfighter”

"She had no regrets. She knew the life she’d chosen. She wouldn’t have had it any other way."

Ava fucking Crowder relentlessly choosing her role as Harlan’s crime queen ascendant and reminding the world it’s her choice I c a n n o t


As you please.