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RRRRRGH. OKAY I GUESS I SET MYSELF UP FOR THIS. bear in mind this is from the one season of the show. not ‘the one season of the show i watched’—no friends. the one season of the show.

favourite female character: upon rewatch, it actually might be shirley. shirley is great? shirley might well be the best of ‘em. i super dig whatever happens when you put her and abed and troy in a room together.
favourite male character: troy—it’s a bummer don glover is an asshole, bc he’s REALLY FUNNY.
least favourite female character: annie. which is a problem of writing that mostly hinges on—well, it’s causal; see ‘least favorite ship’. writing interacting with fandom, going super bad places. but ooooooooooooomg. rarely…ever…has the tracy flick riff…ever…gone…so…wroooooooong. (because, see, they didn’t write tracy flick in freefall. not for long. they realised people had a ship and started writing ‘she’s like a child. a sexy, sexy child.’)
least favourite male character: pierce. i mean. pierce. there’s a correct answer to this. and it’s pierce.
favourite ship: jeff/britta is so great precisely because they’re both terribles, and terribles in simultaneously equal and opposite ways that neutralize each other while acknowledging that they are themselves terrible people. they’re both so deeply selfish and both addicted to the feeling of doing good; britta leads with that and jeff fakes around it. and then they come together and get off on the feeling of doing good, and of being morally superior to each other, and accidental good happens, along with makeouts. prime. and this is independently a cheerful positive feel which, honestly, is completely independent from:
least favourite ship: annie/jeff is vile infantilizing gross hideous black hole falsely-moralising ruinous writing that makes my skin crawl burn it down to the ground
film/tv show rating: 6.25/10

jeff and britta → film noir

Second season, that conversation resulted in Emily Cutler saying, “What if you just found out toward the end of the year that Jeff and Britta have been doing it the whole time, and it was no big deal?” And I thought that was genius because the audience might not believe you if you just tell them on camera in real time that it’s possible for a relationship to not eclipse everything, but they won’t believe it in their hearts, because they haven’t seen any evidence that it’s possible for a relationship to not eclipse everything. Guess what, as many of you in the audience have been doing at various points in your lives, particularly the broken points, two of these people have been, in an ungodly middle finger to our fairytale perceptions of monogamy, using each other as sex toys. Presenting the idea that you’re full of shit believing that, too, was intriguing to me because that’s how the relationship with my girlfriend and virtually betrothed mate happened. It started as friends with benefits. It started with this ironically romantic concept that romance didn’t need to be in the equation. It made it exciting. Love always finds a way. If two people have been hurt enough, they trick themselves into falling in love through a different door. They just need to protect themselves with a certain chant beforehand, like “This is bullshit.” And, for that reason, what I love is when the show doesn’t presume any factual positions on things that have any binary truth to them. “Is there any such thing as true love?” The question is the important thing. There’s no answer.


Umm, hi, this is the most awesome thing ever.

Abed: The Cape is premiering!
Britta: Humanity is premiering, you jags!