she is definitely Snakes

"If we didn’t hate them too much to be curious about the world, we’d wonder what they’d had to say."

I mean, what can anyone of us ever really fuckin’ hope for, huh? Except for a moment here and there with a person who doesn’t want to rob, steal or murder us? At night, it may happen. Sun-up, one person against the fuckin’ wall, the other may hop on the fuckin’ bed trusting each other enough to tell half the fucking truth. Everybody needs that. Becomes precious to ‘em.

Lying? I?


It’s funny that Deadwood is so often stereotyped as a boring dude show when I literally can’t think of a single show that regularly grants its ladies so much perspective and agency and development the way Deadwood does.

Silas, lift your lid.


amalgamation and capital - 2.09