I feel like we should be saying things like...

"Hey, you...guy. The dames, eh? Yeah, the dames. Stupid dames. You having any luck with the horses? No, the horses are all...idiots. You know, between the dames and the horses, sometimes I don't even know why I put my hat on."

That's how people talk in bars, isn't it?

en passant

I ever forget to fill the trays, Bowman’d start slapping me.  “What’s wrong with you?  Don’t you know how to keep house?”  That all started as soon as he realized he was never getting out of Harlan.  He blamed it on me.  It was my fault he had to dig coal.  It was my fault that I had a miscarriage after he beat me with his belt, and he didn’t have a son to take hunting with him and his creepy brother Boyd.