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"Then I got a local boy… born in Harlan County, been investigated so many times Internal Affairs has got him on speed dial. Father’s in prison for murdering two people, including a state trooper. And his daddy killed somebody else last night in prison, and I got to be the one to tell him about it!”

Artist  UnknownRuby Friedman Orchestra    Title  UnknownYou'll Never Leave Harlan Alive    Album  Unknown

this season of justified was basically a bunch of dead air (if sometimes fun and/or telling dead air) culminating in the greatest and most chilling trailer possible for the show’s final season

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Sheriff Shelby Parlow Exposed as Drew Thompson, of course that goes on Raylan’s trophy wall. But there’s this headline too: White supremacist becomes spiritual after being shot.

Q: Justified

The first character I first fell in love with: Ava Crowder, of course
The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: Raylan. Which, God help me, is Tim O’s own fault—it’s the fault of Deadwood specifically for giving me THE OTHER HALF of The Timothy Olyphant Character Archetype, that specific sheriff iconograph-mold filled in with flaws; the thing is, I’d never thought much about his acting here, and he’s both not acting a lot (that ease) and YES ACTING A LOT (THAT EASE)! and it didn’t shake out in my head until I’d seen him do the converse. So, Raylan.
The character everyone else loves that I don’t: I…don’t…understand how hard people go for Tim…I think he’s terrific and a good secondary, but people come to this show for him, and—is it a Pacific thing? What is that?
The character I love that everyone else hates: CAROL JOHNSON IS A BOO. A femininity-foil woman-as-patriarchy boo. She’s not as important as Mags but she’s important in the Mags (and Loretta and generally womanhood foil) season, ya dig? Oh and people dislike Winona but that didn’t even occur to me until I was HALFWAY FURTHER DOWN, WHY WOULD YOU, SHE’S AN IMPORTANT SUCCESS WITH A TROPE THAT LITERALLY ALWAYS OTHERWISE FAILS. CMON.
The character I used to love but don’t any longer: No! Tho I am tired of Dewey’s familia, I don’t really think they can carry a season like this.
The character I would totally smooch: everyone alive would fuck Raylan at least once, it’s like a rite of passage (someday Rachel will, knowing it’s a bad idea, smirk-and-sigh-and-just-the-once, and it’ll be a divine thing)
The character I’d slap: Everyone. Lovingly, for the most part.
A pairing that I love: Ava/Boyd d’oh. (This season is suffering on a structural level from their separation but ALSO I JUST MISS THEM.) Raylan/Winona. Raylan/getting (literally) dicked around by troublesome ladies who are not Winona, even if just for an episode. Raylan/Boyd/Ava as the hearts of the show and of Harlan Raylan-Boyd as the town’s twin sons/suns etc etc etc. Also, like I said, sometime Raylan and Rachel will hook up, and I ardently anticipate.
A pairing that I despise: remember Johnny tryna find an indicative blonde potential-queenpin-whore of his own, like. Bye, Johnny Crowder. (Bye, Johnny Crowder.)

Back two thoughts ago where you said- participating in where this show’s going to go, it’s only got one more season, where would you like it to go between now and the end of season six? [source]