she is definitely Snakes

Alack, when once our grace we have forgot,
Nothing goes right: we would, and we would not.

William Shakespeare, Measure for Measure
  1. measure for measure, or: this could be us but you playin god

More than our brother is our chastity.


My absolute FAVORITE “Measure for Measure” picture.  I only know that it’s titled “The Hand That Hath Made You Fair…”.  It was part of a Shakespeare calendar that I had *geez… fifteen?  sixteen? seventeen? holy crap…* years ago.  I cut it out, laminated and framed it.  If anyone knows the artist or any other information, please let me know!

The creepy menace the Duke exudes… brrr!  I love it!  And the way Isabella’s just looking at you- not quite pleading or screaming internally just yet, but knowing something is very, very wrong…


like, there is reconfiguring the language of the divine to fit your own desire, and there is reshaping the language of your desire to fit your own idea of aspirational holiness

spoiler: both of these are measure for measure

messed up about this picture of ii.iv (goodman theatre’s measure for measure, 2013). them on the same couch her in convulsion him looking away the amount of space between them while they are on the same couch im die

this is why you don’t have to, why you shouldn’t, direct ii.iv as a physical scene. everything he does to her—and that she attempts to do to him, the power she threatens that he returns and brings down in full, he brings down (and she a breath before just tried to bring down) at a distance as a kind of drawing back. they’re so close they choose to inhabit the same space they’re not visibly drawing apart but look how distant they are. look at the careful looking away look at how internal he is look at how constructed he is look


A selection from Shakespeares after Shakespeare

Q: groundhog's day, measure for measure

oh god, we are never going to leave this vineyard

i’m mad at my thesis today, but it still has one of my accidental favorite lines i’ve ever written in it:

It is Angelo’s judgment (or misjudgment) that links his reaction to physical response, making his “sin” in this speech a kind of intellectual failure, a reverse original sin bred from incomprehension rather than knowledge.

which is the most accidentally elegant and most extreme way i’ve ever managed to configure “angelo is a fucking idiot.”

Wilt thou be made a man out of my vice?
Is’t not a kind of incest to take life
From thine own sister’s shame?

Measure for Measure (III. 1. 141 - 143)