she is definitely Snakes

people quit the borgias in ep 1 because “papal politics were boring” and that means they never got to see michelotto fingerpaint GOODBYE in some dude’s blood all over the floor and i think that’s a tragic misrepresentation of the show in tv history

François unknowingly lingering nearby the palazzo Cesare inhabited (the orange-y one with the little tower down the street, palazzo de’ Penitenzieri or San Clemente) x

lucrezia borgia, madonna of the vatican.


Lucrezia: And if my husband proves ungallant?

Cesare: I shall cut his heart out with a dinner knife and serve it to you.


the borgias cast together


┖ 24 June 1519  -  Death of Lucrezia Borgia

After giving birth to her fifth child while in Ferrara, who died shortly after being born, Lucrezia contracted puerperal fever, and died on June 24, 1519. She was 39 years old.

Her wits were quicker, her courtesies more polished.